IBS Episode 2

So I went to bed last night thinking absolutely nothing except that Season 2 of 인간의 조건 had brought back 3 of the Season 1 members. Yayy! I couldn’t sleep and figured it was because of my back pain. It wasn’t. It was because the tummy was ready to go crazy. At around 11.30pm, I knew exactly how this was going to play out. The good thing is my brother was awake, so I let him know before disappearing into my bathroom hideout, phone in hand. Luckily for me, my mum got up soon after. I took my meds for the pain, but even that doesn’t help… actually nothing except my mum massaging my back helps. At around 12.45am, it was over. I was a naughty girl and asked my mum to stay up with me till I felt I could go to sleep by myself and at around 1.15am, I let her go, but asked her to leave my lights on. I’ve never been afraid of the dark but I think I’d have been terrified if anyone turned off the lights just then. I tried to get some shut-eye, while cradling my hot water bottle.

Episode 2 seems completely uncalled for. I ate absolutely nothing that I could imagine would hurt me and I wasn’t stressed in the least. Cornflakes and beef bacon for breakfast. Lunch was half a lasagna. Snack was a slice of cheese pizza and dinner was mum’s dal and kabab with absolutely no spices. The only thing I can think of is the lasagna place. It’s where we ate before we left for Sri Lanka and I fell sick right after. Could it have been the lasagna? Does this mean I have to cross this restaurant off my list of favourites? 😦 It would appear so.

I’ve had to miss work today and take an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow afternoon. The episodes are happening religiously once a month and I’m too tired to take any more. Here’s hoping the new doctor has better advice than the last one. 🙂

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