IBS Episode 2.5

“Why 2.5?” you may well ask. It’s only because it’s the sequel to Episode 2. An epilogue of sorts. So anyway, after Episode 2 I landed at yet another new doctor’s doorstep hoping for something better than, “You just need to manage.” Blood and stool tests were ordered to rule out any gluten allergy (I highly doubt I have an allergy, but I’m ready to test any theory) and to make sure all else is okay in gut-ville. Meanwhile, I’ve been given some medication to take till the results come out – a probiotic and a medicine that’s something my grandma has been taking for many many years. At last, it would seem, we have concrete evidence that I am indeed my grandma’s grandchild. Would that I had inherited something other than the tummy, though. In any case, it’s the first time in 9 years I’ve been prescribed any sort of medication for IBS and I’m sincerely hoping that they bring some much-needed relief. In the event that the test results come out looking not so pretty, God forbid, then the doctor said they’d have to do some more thorough exams. Which is what the last doctor said, and the one before and the one before. Thank God, since then all test results have been normal so here’s hoping it’s nothing more serious that what it already is.

It’s been a day of taking the meds and I’m feeling miserable this morning. I know there’s no such thing as instant relief but I really wish there were. Woke up feeling poorly and then played the role of psychologist, very poorly I might add, in trying to convince myself that I was feeling just fine on the way to work. I think the mind can only be fooled so  much, so it didn’t really work which meant I was even more stressed out thinking I’d fall sick at work. Which I did. Is this what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy? I just call it a really temperamental stomach with no sense of propriety and a bad work ethic. I’ve frequented the toilet so many times now that I’ve had to use the word frequented just to convey how frequently I’ve been. I’m thinking I’ll call it a day before the day’s even started because I’m in no mood to cause any scene. Let’s see how that turns out.

…If I had a frequent flier mile for every time I went to the toilet, I’d have travelled the world 10 times over… No. Scratch that. I’d have travelled every toilet all over the world 10 times over. sigh

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