Ramadan Resolutions

So tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan InshaAllah with the first Suhoor in around 5 hours. For me, Ramadan is always an opportunity to fix some bad habits and this time is no different. I’ve managed to be reasonably good but there are two things that keep eluding me so this time, I’ll be working on fixing both…again. It’s not that I haven’t been able to stay away from them, but more like I’ve not been able to sustain the momentum. It’s been a stop start stop start journey all year long and to be honest, it gets more than a little frustrating. It’s kind of like smoking (no, that’s not one of my bad habits). You’ll find countless smokers who have at some point of their life or another tried to give up smoking only to fall back into the habit again. And each time you fall back in, it’s a kind of personal failure..at least for me it is. Every failure is an opportunity to learn something new though, so I’ve managed successfully so weed out some of the things that lead me to both of my bad habits. But it’s not enough. Along with all the psychoanalysis of why I do what I do, and how not to do it, I need the willpower to tell myself, “Never again.” So here goes… my short list of Ramadan Resolutions:

1. Fix at least one BOTH of my bad habits (It’s Ramadan… one should aim to achieve more)

2. Finish the Quran with translation

3. Learn something new. I’m thinking Quranic Gems 2014 is the perfect way to do this.

4. Drink more water and eat the same Suhoor and Iftar every day (one must appease the IBS tummy in Ramadan)

The list is pretty much the same as last year (I’m nothing if not consistent) but I really hope next year I’ll have none (or at least 2 less serious) bad habits to fix. Ameen. 🙂

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