Of friends and feather pens…


I think I love shopping for stationery as much as I love writing letters… which is why this is the perfect birthday gift from my awesome friends.


Feather Pen, Ink and Wax Seal Stamp

I’ve always been a bit curious as to how exactly feather pens and their cousin wooden dip pens work. I remember spending an entire vacation dipping my granddad’s wooden pens into ink bottles and scribbling nonsense just because it was so fascinating not to have an ink cartridge.  So how do fountain pens (quills, dip pens and all included) work? Quite simply… capillary action. Now that’s something they should mention in school when teaching you that boring concept. If you, like me, are interested in how a fountain pen works (and you should be, because a lot of thought went into making pens that we take for granted!)  then you can find out on Explain That StuffMeanwhile, I am going to test out my new acquisition so I can send out my next batch of letters in green ink! 🙂

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