IBS Episode 3

IBS attack returns with a bang… the bang was the sound of me collapsing in the bathroom after I blacked out.

Sitting at the dining table having a quick snack before dinner, I thought I’d push dinner a little late because I was feeling kind of full. I’m not sure why I was feeling full. 1 bag of chips is hardly enough to spoil a meal. In any case, I stayed put at the dinner table, determined to eat before going to bed. After a while though, the tummy just felt…strange. No pain, just strange. I walked to the kitchen and told my mum who suggested I take my meds just in case. I didn’t turn down the suggestion because the strange was starting to feel stranger and headed back to my room, which is hardly 20 ladylike steps away (read 10 steps for me). Unfortunately, by the time I walked into the room to grab my meds, I was so dizzy I could hardly see straight. How in 10 steps had I gone from not feeling well to a full blown IBS attack, I’m not sure. I decided looking for my meds was a bad idea because I couldn’t see much and instead rushed to the bathroom, yelling for my mum to get the meds and water. And then, I blacked out. I’m not sure when I came around, all I remember is my mum asking me if I had gotten hurt. Thank God I hadn’t.

This is only the second or third time that I’ve blacked out in an IBS attack in the last 10 years, which isn’t bad odds, I think, considering how many attacks I’ve had over the years. After a non-stop back massage from my mum, I was finally ready to get back to my room and cuddle with a hot water bottle at 10.30pm. So much for dinner. I woke up this morning, starving, as expected, having emptied 21 feet of gut the night before. I think I may have set a new record for longest time to eat a croissant, though. I took my meds in the morning but they didn’t help much with the pain that came with eating… or maybe they did, and I was just hurting much more than usual. I can’t be sure. In any case, lunch was a banana and half a cup of yoghurt because the thought of my tummy having to move more than necessary was painful enough.

We recently moved house, so during the incident my family didn’t know where I kept my meds so it took some time for them to locate them (in the end they went to the one place they were 100% sure they’d find them and that was my wallet). They also couldn’t locate a hot water bottle because nobody could remember where on earth we had put it. My brother was amazing enough to run down and get one from the pharmacy though. There are a couple of lessons learnt from this incident which would be useful to any IBS sufferer:

  1. Have a single place in the house where you keep your medication, a bottle of water, a hot water bottle, a fan and a hand towel. If you can store your meds in the bathroom without them getting spoilt, then I’d suggest keeping everything there.
  2. Make sure the place is easily accessible (no locks please)
  3. If you’re living with your family or friends, make sure everyone knows where it is, so they can get to help you in time without either of you panicking.
  4. Keep your medication in different parts of the house to make sure you can get to it in time – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom – all good places to start.


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