Pieces of My Life

I don’t know what inspired me to come up with this blog title… in fact when I wrote it down, it seemed terribly cliche, uninspiring, yet at the same time an accurate representation of my fractured state of mind. I suppose when you’ve got a blog title that matches an Elvis Presley song, things can only go one of two ways… way uphill or a spiraling overdose of downhill… that goes for all things in life though. So this is what I hear when I listen to Elvis’ song… In a few years I hope I’ll be able to look back, wonder what all this was about, take pen to paper and rewrite the pieces of my life…

Pieces of My Life… (not Elvis’)

A faded book full of dreams
And friends that I never knew too well
Lord, the things I’ve been through
Most of which make a sad story to tell

I don’t know how it started
But that’s what makes me me, I guess
Now I’m holding on to some things
Trying to forget the rest

I’m looking back on my life
To see if I can find the pieces
I know that some were stolen
And some just blew away
Well, I found the bad parts
Found all the sad parts
But I guess I threw the best part away

Lord, the pieces of my life,
They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere
And the one I think I miss most of all
Is you and you know what

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