Burj Khalifa- Top Down

No trip to the UAE is complete without having visited Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Located in Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa is connected to Dubai Mall and next to Souq Al Bahar so spending the whole day there is really not out of the question. There are two ways to really enjoy this experience… bottom up and top down 😛

Top down means making your way to the Burj Khalifa observation deck to take in the view of the city.


Burj Khalifa – Looking Up

Ticket prices range between AED 125 and 500 for adults depending on the type of ticket you decide to purchase (if you’re going to Level 124 or Level 148). Tickets can be bought either at the counter or online but I would personally recommend buying the tickets online to avoid long queues and disappointment of not being able to get in when you want to. They’ve also started offering audio guided tours so make sure to ask the ticket desk if you’re interested.


At The Top


The ride up in the elevator is fun and fast, complete with countdown and all. Once you’re “At The Top” you’ll find a souvenir shop where you’ll get the typical keychain, handbag, T-shirt type souvenirs as well as the Lego Burj Khalifa models ^^ If you forget to grab a souvenir, don’t worry, there’s another souvenir shop on the ground floor so you’re covered. You’ll also find places to get a professional photograph taken once you reach the top. I’d skip the photograph if I were you because it’s far too expensive and it’s not unique since you’ll be superimposed on some pre-set background. Be creative and take your own pictures to create your own memories of the experience. There are telescopes which you can use to get a better look at the city too so feel free to explore the city from a height.


View from Burj Khalifa


Observation decks are open from 8.30am to midnight (12pm-midnight for SKY deck) but I would advise going after sunset to really enjoy the night view of Dubai. Going in the morning might seem like a good idea, but depending on the weather, the view may be obscured by dust so you won’t really get to enjoy the full experience. Check out GG’s Travel Blog for night views of Burj Khalifa. While there is an open terrace for you to enjoy the weather, it’s best used in winter or in the evenings in summer so plan your trip accordingly.

Getting there: Just follow Google Maps if you’re going by car, or better yet, take the metro to Dubai Mall 🙂

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