Journey to Japan- Day 6 Part 3

And so we stood, at the Shibuya crossing… lights red waiting to cross. Watching the crossing is fascinating in itself, but experiencing it is another thing altogether- like being a cog in a giant machine- a wall of people moving forward. When you come from a place where walking in itself is not exactly common in 50C heat, and pedestrian crossings seem like such an underutilized asset, the Shibuya crossing is a world apart.


Spoilt for Choice- Staring at the crossing not knowing what direction to take

We crossed and made our way first to see Hachiko- the statue of Hachiko rather- the dog who would come to the Shibuya station to meet his master long after his master had passed away.



From there, we strolled to Tokyu Hands, if strolled can be used to describe walking in a sea of people. We passed another Mandarake and finally reached Tokyu Hands. So what can I say about this place, except that leaving Yodobashi and Bic behind and coming here was not the best idea because this too was a builder’s paradise and a paradise with much more variety if such a  thing is even possible. Wooden 3D puzzles, car models, train models, origami, DIY wax stamping, metal models- you name it, they have it. I’m really glad this trip happened right after Ramadan otherwise I’m not sure I would have been able to exercise so much self-control.


Look another ABC Mart!

When we finally left Tokyu Hands, we headed with sensei to find Z a jacket for the following day’s trip to the Ice Cave in Mount Fuji. We managed to find a cool hoodie for the bargain price of…wait for it… a thousand yen which was a steal really. From there we strolled along to Excelsior Cafe to cool down, grab a drink and a bite to eat while waiting for the rest of the group to…regroup and head to dinner which was at Saishoku Teppen Ippin. Dinner was some form of salted noodles with chicken, egg and shrimp. Take all the things I can’t eat out of it and all I’d be left with would be an empty bowl so I decided I’d 7/11 it instead. The noodles were not really great, so Z decided to order some chicken in sweet and spicy sauce which was… simply…fabulous. So good in fact I sneaked two pieces on an empty stomach. The yummy chicken along with the lovely service were enough to make the dinner a fun experience. The waitress was a cute and bubbly girl, who looked like she’d walked straight out of a Korean drama ^^ One of the waiters asked to take a group picture so they could upload it on their Facebook page and we were all more than happy to oblige. I asked the guy who had taken the picture if he could give me the FB page ID. He asked if I wanted his FB page ID… Awkward silence followed by a clarification that I wanted the restaurant’s page so we could see the picture when it was uploaded. His colleague burst out laughing as did everyone else. We had a fabulous time, and ended up taking a picture with them again before we left for the hotel.

Armed with bananas and large apple-looking pears which we had picked up from the street vendor in Shibuya, I was ready to call it a night and dream about Fuji which is where we were headed next.

Stay Tuned for Day 7 Part 1

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