TTMIK Korean Word Puzzle Book [Review]

So while the world was out playing Pool on Yahoo Games, I was busy playing every word game available online. I confess, I love all kinds of word games, from crosswords to anagrams, from Scrabble to Text Twist to Wordament, and what better way to learn a language than by doing something you love.

TTMIK’s Korean Word Puzzle Book has three kinds of word games- crosswords, word scrambles and analogies all geared towards to the upper beginner/lower intermediate level language learner. Even if you’re an upper intermediate learner, I’d still recommend giving this a go, if only to pass the time and learn some words you won’t come across very easily (I mean really, what do I need to be reading to know that a triangle is called a 세모 and a wisdom tooth is called a 사랑니).

TTMIK Korean Word Puzzle Book

There are 10 crosswords that are not too difficult, but I admit my favourite part, surprisingly, turned out to be the analogies. I thought studying for the GRE had killed my enthusiasm for analogies, but this was fun and I wish I had used this technique when I started learning Korean. It would have saved me a lot of time remembering things.


Crossword Puzzle


Analogies – Why did I never think of this before -_-

For the intermediate learners, you’ve probably got your Korean pronunciation all down, but for the beginners, the audio track that comes with the e-book is a great tool to practice with.

If I have one complaint, it’s that the book isn’t longer. I would love to have a really tiny, thick Korean crossword book (Sudoku style) to take around with me on the metro, or better yet an app. ^^

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