Around the Mall with Ibn Battuta

Have you ever heard of Ibn Battuta? If not, I’m not surprised. If you have though, then I congratulate you on knowing a fabulous and exciting piece of history which boring history teachers hardly ever bother teaching because they’re… well boring and overly dependent on an outdated and boring curriculum.

Ibn Battuta is the name of a 14th century Moroccan scholar and traveller who left his home at the age of 21 and set out on a journey that would last 30 years and take him across 40 countries. From Africa to the Middle East, South East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Europe and China, he travelled more than 100,000km in his lifetime. Considering the difficulty in travelling in those days, I wonder why my own travelling plans are not quite as ambitious.

As tribute to this great traveller, Dubai brings you Ibn Battuta Mall, the world’s largest themed mall based on the travels of Ibn Battuta. There are six different courts – Andalusia, Egypt, Tunisia, India, China and Persia where you can learn more about Ibn Battuta, while shopping of course. The mall is rather big and it’s not easy to take in everything on the same day, but if, like me, you enjoy architecture then this is a place you cannot miss. Also, it’s right next to Atlantis so there’s added motivation for you to go 😛


India Court with its elephants



Tunisia Court with its vaulted ceilings


China Court with its ornate ceilings and ships


Persian Court with its beautiful blue dome


Andalusia Court with its lions


Egypt Court with its hieroglyphics and star gazing

How to get there? Simple- take the metro to Ibn Battuta! 🙂

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