Mornings are Tough

Mornings when you double up in pain while trying to focus on brushing your teeth  and then trying to distract yourself by thinking what an apt phrase “to double up in pain” really is.

Mornings when putting on a pair of jeans takes about four tries, what with all the bathroom breaks involved.

Mornings when your favourite pair of trousers feels like its shrunk around your waistline and all you want is to wear your PJs to work, because elastic is an IBS tummy’s best friend.

Mornings when you’re racing against the morning rush and against the clock to get to work on time.

Mornings when you’re exhausted before the day has even started.

Mornings when you have to convince yourself that it can only get better from here.

Mornings when you run through everything you ate the day before to figure out what went wrong.

Mornings when the nausea means you can’t have a straight conversation without wanting to throw up.

Mornings when you can’t explain how you feel – in pain or in undefinable discomfort.

Mornings are tough… most mornings… thankfully not all 🙂

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