Sharjah Light Festival 2016

Every February, for a fleeting few days, Sharjah organizes their annual Light Festival. This year, there were 18 places all around the vast emirate where you could go to catch a glimpse of the spectacular light show… for free!

Last year we stopped by Al Qasba, so this year we decided to head to Al Noor Island and catch the view of Al Noor Mosque (which on a side note, is open to non-Muslims for visits on Mondays (as of 2016) ) before heading to the Infinity Light Tunnel. It turned out to be a great idea, because not only is Al Noor Island a gem in itself at night, but the silence on the island and the clear view of the mosque afforded by the bridge make it an ideal place to sit down, relax and take everything in without all the crowds – oh and you also get a great view of the Majaz Waterfront fountain show from the island.

The mosque was stunning, and made even more so at Isha with the call to prayer.


Al Noor Mosque at Isha

The light tunnel was a new addition to this year’s sites and proved to be one of the most popular attractions. This one’s definitely a keeper! 🙂


Infinity Light Tunnel

On the way back home, we passed Masjid Al Maghfira, another must-visit site as well as Al Jubail Market (the newly opened fish, fruit and vegetable market) and the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. While we didn’t stop at these places, we were for once happy for the traffic so we could admire the view for a little longer ^^


Masjid Al Maghfira

Maybe next year I should go to University City Hall where once upon a time long long ago I had my graduation ceremony 🙂

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