Weird and Wonderful Signs in Japan – Part 2


How to dress when you’ve sent all your clothes to the laundry ^^



In case you were wondering what takoyaki really is…


Maybe if you’re drunk enough that’ll start looking like a person drinking


Peek a boo!


So you can banish all those second thoughts you were having 


What’s not to love about a smiling kitty?


Eat it, or else… 


Here to make all short people in the world feel tall 😀

Missed Part 1 with all its weirdness?

6 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Signs in Japan – Part 2

    • There are still lots of places that are very traditional thankfully like Kyoto and Nara. But I do think the more tourists that come in the more the culture somewhat dilutes in trying to cater to their tastes because tourists these days seem to expect all the comforts and familiarity of home instead of wanting to immerse themselves in a different culture. I suppose that’s why there’s a Starbucks at every corner in the world.

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