Gratitude Diary Day 52 & 53 / 365

a light workload

we are imperfect-all our
heavy sins simply
line the inevitable
road to repentance

Gratitude Diary Day 50 & 51 / 365

busy days that keep me focused

hospital results that come back with an all-clear

Gratitude Diary Day 49 / 365

Today I am grateful for the gentleman who gave up his seat for me and a fellow passenger on the metro. Sending lots of duaas your way 🙂

Gratitude Diary Day 47 & 48 / 365


lonely dinners spent
in the company of cats,
two minute noodles,
leafy greens and onions saved
by pomegranate molasses


one day they will know
perhaps a little too late
that it was time- time
was all she ever wanted
all they never had to give