Gratitude Diary Day 335 to 365/ 365

taking new initiatives

holidays with the family

kitty sitting Aegi & TC

discovering home

breaking down and standing back up

understanding myself



good memories

❤ a relatively tummy trouble free 2018 ❤

Gratitude Diary Day 310 to 334/ 365

new models

heavy rains

watching Aegi sleep

freshly picked sweet corn

volunteering for causes bigger than ourselves

meeting new people

pink skies

Harry Potter

taking baby steps

learning new things


Gratitude Diary Day 301 to 307/ 365

coming home
to books
waiting to be read

taking a day off from all the madness

Aegi curling up in my legs to go to sleep

sev puri
despite the tummy protest

random conversations


to drown out the madness

the beautiful weather