Gratitude Diary Day 287 to 293/ 365

Baby 부키, my goldfish, passed away on the 13th of October…
I’m grateful for the 5yrs 9 months and 22 days we got to spend together
I love you ❤

opportunities to help

brothers and birthdays

more vivid than reality

and more books

being able to laugh off a traffic fine

Gratitude Diary Day 280 to 286/ 365

Irish comedy

gentle reminders
that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone
and that it’s okay to go at your own pace

getting late for work
watching a certain cuddly someone
burrowing into my drawers
and refusing to get out

good food and weekends with ma

Gratitude Diary Day 273 to 279/ 365

mid week scares
and mid week relief

putting my problems
into context

to do the best
with what we’ve been given

Gundam builds to tune out a tough week

Gratitude Diary Day 266 to 272/ 365

safe flights

opportunities to observe people
as they
as others
turn a blind eye
as I reach out
to hold their hands
and walk away

weekends with mum
filled with adventures
of short circuiting sandwich-makers
and kitty games

Gratitude Diary Day 259 to 265/ 365

coming home to Aegi
with all her sleepy charm
and her love of routine

good news at last

healthy breakfasts

seeing mirch baingan ka salan on a menu