KBS World Radio

I recently downloaded the KBS World Radio On-Air Application on Android and thought I’d do a short review.


KBS Mobile Applications

I’ve never used the app before primarily because the broadcasting is done in about 11 languages (including Korean) and because really what’s the point of a radio show that doesn’t have 성시경 saying 잘 자요…I digress but only because I miss his voice… In any case, KBS World Radio has a number of interesting features for anyone interested in learning not only more about Korean culture and music, but also about the language.


KBS World Radio On-Line App

Of particular interest to Korean language learners would be the following programs:

  1. Drama Lines: In which popular drama lines useful for everyday conversation are explained. Apart from listening to the broadcast, you can always go back to the website to recap previous lessons and read the conversation in case you missed anything.
  2. Korean Folk Tales: A great way of learning the culture of a country is by reading their folk tales. Folk Tales are read in English and are then made available on their website. This makes a great complement to anyone who’s reading the folk tales in Korean but needs to check their understanding.

Now if you don’t want to go to the website to find the content you’re looking for, well that’s where their second app, KBS World Radio, comes in handy because it’s basically the website condensed into app form. Just go to the drop-down menu and find the radio program you’re looking for 🙂

Personally I wish this would come integrated with the other app, so you don’t need to go from one app to another but hopefully they’ll find a way to work around this in their next update 🙂

If you have any personal favourite radio program let me know in the comments


The Long Road to MBLAQ- Part 2

… we were jostled into the hall in a sea of black, but were able to get seats pretty comfortably, and that too behind people who weren’t too tall.


Lights out…first view of the stage

Since the showcase was part of the bigger exhibition on medical tourism, there were a lot of video clips played about the medical facilities in Korea. Don’t get me wrong…it’s nice to know what facilities are there but I hope to God no one ever falls so sick that they’ll have to use them… The Miso performance was delayed about 20 minutes so we ended up watching lots of videos while waiting. Let’s just say the Miso performance was well worth the wait. There were around 4-5 traditional performances and I was lucky enough to capture my favourites on camera. I didn’t bother to take videos of the rest and just enjoyed the mesmerizing performances. By the end of the performances I wasn’t sure if I wanted MBLAQ to come on stage or just have an encore for Miso. 🙂

Of course when MBLAQ finally came out, that’s when my ear drums blew. The screaming was just… shrill… I’m a fan, just not a screaming kind of fan (I’m the passive LED Scroller app kind of fan), so I was fairly regretting not wearing any ear plugs. The band had flown in the same morning, one member short, and the jet lag was pretty obvious. Notwithstanding, the fans greeted them with screams that overpowered the music system for the first couple of songs, so much so in fact that we thought for a moment that there was no music on…that could also be because we were in an exhibition hall, so the acoustics weren’t so hot. After the first few songs, they came out for their talk show segment, complete with lots of selfies, before performing their last hits of the night…They mentioned that they might stop by Ferrari World the next day and made good on their promise so lots of lucky fans got to take pictures and autographs. I didn’t take too many videos of the performances again because nothing can compare to the live experience but enjoy the clips anyway… ^^

We finished up at around 8pm (right on schedule) and headed back to the hotel (or rather, ran backwards on escalators back to the hotel), ordered room service and called it a night. Since room service had been disappointing at night, we decided to make use of the fact that we were practically in the exhibition centre, and ended up having breakfast at one of the cafe stalls there. We were aiming to check out early so we could catch the 11am bus back to Ibn Battuta but ended up being held up at the hotel and decided instead to take a cab to Al Wahda Mall, right opposite the bus station. We hung out for a while before walking down to the bus station where we could see some buses were already waiting. We got in, confirmed that we were going in the right direction… only to find out 2 minutes before departure that we were not, in fact, going to Ibn Battuta but were headed instead to the Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai (E101 goes back to Ibn Battuta while E100 goes to Ghubaiba). We decided not to change bus, partly because I overheard the bus to Ibn Battuta was already full and partly because that’s what being adventurous is all about. We looked up the bus station on Wojhati (Android App available too) and decided we’d get off at Jafiliya, grab the metro and then a taxi to our home away from home – Mirdif City Centre  for a much needed lunch. The bus on the way back, by the way, did not feel as slow as the one getting to Abu Dhabi… or maybe the eager anticipation to get to Abu Dhabi had made the bus seem slower than it really was.


Lunch at Gazebo

The taxi from Rashidiya Metro Station to Mirdif City Centre drops you off right in front of Gazebo and we decided that we were so famished that’s exactly where we’d have lunch. We had a much needed Biryani, finished off with a Matka Firni, walked it off and then headed to the taxi stand… where there were a million people waiting for a taxi. Okay that’s an exaggeration, but there were at least 25 people already in line. It was close to 5pm and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get a cab before Maghrib. If you’ve ever been at Rashidiya Metro Station near Maghrib time, you’ll know there are no taxis to be had there for love or money. We were lucky enough to get one by 5.30pm and finally got home about an hour later.

Overall, I had a great time using 3 different RTA services- taxi, metro and the bus and for anyone going to Abu Dhabi who doesn’t want to drive… I’d highly recommend the bus. It’s time consuming, but stress-free so if you don’t have other demands on your time, the bus is the way to go. If you are a busy bee though, driving down is the only other feasible option because taking a taxi will all but kill your monthly budget. The cost breakdown for the entire 2 days, 1 night (2박 1일) trip for 2 people from Ajman – Abu Dhabi- Ajman is:

Public Transport AED 300
4 star hotel (1 night) AED 500 incl taxes


Depending on how much and where you eat, the entire trip will cost less than AED 1000 (USD 272) for 2 people. Not bad at all, if I do say so myself. 🙂

If there’s anyone else who went to the concert, let me know what was your favourite part of the night and also, how did you get to the concert? Share your pics! 🙂