문문-결혼 | Moon Moon- Marriage

Came across this song entirely by accident when  I was searching for a nice drama to watch now that my exam is over. What can I say… it’s the story of my life.

Lyrics (with my best efforts at translating)

결혼에 대하여
예쁜 단어를 골라
예쁜 칭찬을 하고
예쁜 밤을 만들 것
Marriage is about
Picking the right words to say
Paying each other pretty compliments
And spending beautiful nights together
결혼에 대하여
좋은 사람을 만나
좋은 사랑을 하고
좋은 집을 갖는 것
Marriage is about
Meeting the right person
Falling in love
And building a home
나 그게 어려워 That’s what I find hard
혼자 TV를 트나봐
편한 옷을 입고 나가
독한 소주를 사나봐
I watch TV alone
Go out wearing comfy clothes
Drink strong liquor
혼자 남산에 가나봐
혼자 한강을 걷나봐
혼자 저녁을 먹나봐
Go to Namsan alone
Walk the Hangang river alone
And eat dinner by myself
 뭔가 다 어려우니까 Because it’s all so hard
쓰다 남은 위로라면 그냥 지나가도 돼
사랑없이 사는 것도 들먹이진 말아줘
나를 보면 지금보다 울먹이지 말도록
혼자 먹는 저녁말고
If you’re looking to comfort me with your hollow sympathy, just walk on by
Don’t even bring up the fact that I’m living without love
And stop giving me that sympathetic look
Except when I eat alone
사랑 그 너머에 관하여
가끔 나쁜 얼굴에 각진 단어를 골라
아프게 말하고
남이 되잖아요
Life after love is about
Sometimes picking harsh words
Saying painful things
And becoming strangers along the way
내 마음은 그래
나 그게 두려워
나 그게 어려워

TV나 보는 중
TV나 보는 중
TV나 보는 중

That’s how I feel
That’s what I’m afraid of
That’s what I find hard

So I’ll just watch TV
So I’ll just watch TV
So I’ll just watch TV

김연지 – 넌 또 다른 나

Some of the best music I’ve ever heard comes out of 불후의 명곡 and 김연지’s version of 이승철’s popular 넌 또 다른 나 is no different.


세상 끝에 홀로 버려진 나를
어느새 넌 다독거렸지 헤아려주고
I was left alone at the edge of the world
But then you comforted me and tried to understand me
그래 나 살고픈 이유는 바로 너 Yes, you are the reason I want to live
나른한 햇살이 내 머리칼 비출 때
불현듯 난 말하고팠어
When the fading sun shone on my hair
I suddenly wanted to say
이럴 땐 촛불이 더욱 어울리지만
지금 내 입 속에 소용돌이치는 한 마디
Candlelight works better at a time like this but
There’s something I want to say
내 눈감는 날까지
널 곁에 두고싶다는
Until the day I close my eyes
I want to keep you by my side
세상 끝에 홀로 버려진 나를
어느새 넌 다독거렸지 헤아려주고
I was left alone at the edge of the world
But then you comforted me and tried to understand me
그래 나 살고픈 이유는 바로 너 Yes, you are the reason I want to live
사소한 일들로 많이도 다퉜지
그래서 오늘까지 왔어
We fought over a lot of small things
That’s how we came this far
작은 어려움도 같이 염려해줬고
속 깊은 대화도 나눌 수가 있었던 거야
We overcame even the smallest of troubles together
We were able to have meaningful conversations
알아주길 바래
넌 또 다른 나인걸
I want you to know
that you are another me
세상 끝에 홀로 버려진 나를
어느새 넌 다독거렸지 헤아려주고
I was left alone at the edge of the world
But then you comforted me and tried to understand me
그래 나 살고픈 이유는 바로 너 Yes, you are the reason I want to live
나와 또 다른 너를 보면서 With someone who is so different from me
어느새 여지까지 왔어
알아주길 바라
We came this far
And I want you to know
그래 나 살고픈 이유는 바로 너 Yes, you are the reason I want to live
바로 너 Yes, you x 2
세상 끝에 홀로 버려진 나를 I was left alone at the edge of the world
세상 끝에 홀로 버려진 나를
어느새 넌 다독거렸지 헤아려주고
I was left alone at the edge of the world
But then you comforted me and tried to understand me
그래 나 살고픈 이유는 바로 너  Yes, you are the reason I want to live
세상 끝에 홀로 버려진 나를
어느새 여지까지 왔어
알아주길 바라
I was left alone at the edge of the world
We came this far
And I want you to know
그래 나 살고픈 이유는 바로 너 Yes, you are the reason I want to live x2

KBS World Radio

I recently downloaded the KBS World Radio On-Air Application on Android and thought I’d do a short review.


KBS Mobile Applications

I’ve never used the app before primarily because the broadcasting is done in about 11 languages (including Korean) and because really what’s the point of a radio show that doesn’t have 성시경 saying 잘 자요…I digress but only because I miss his voice… In any case, KBS World Radio has a number of interesting features for anyone interested in learning not only more about Korean culture and music, but also about the language.


KBS World Radio On-Line App

Of particular interest to Korean language learners would be the following programs:

  1. Drama Lines: In which popular drama lines useful for everyday conversation are explained. Apart from listening to the broadcast, you can always go back to the website to recap previous lessons and read the conversation in case you missed anything.
  2. Korean Folk Tales: A great way of learning the culture of a country is by reading their folk tales. Folk Tales are read in English and are then made available on their website. This makes a great complement to anyone who’s reading the folk tales in Korean but needs to check their understanding.

Now if you don’t want to go to the website to find the content you’re looking for, well that’s where their second app, KBS World Radio, comes in handy because it’s basically the website condensed into app form. Just go to the drop-down menu and find the radio program you’re looking for 🙂

Personally I wish this would come integrated with the other app, so you don’t need to go from one app to another but hopefully they’ll find a way to work around this in their next update 🙂

If you have any personal favourite radio program let me know in the comments


The Long Road to MBLAQ- Part 2

… we were jostled into the hall in a sea of black, but were able to get seats pretty comfortably, and that too behind people who weren’t too tall.


Lights out…first view of the stage

Since the showcase was part of the bigger exhibition on medical tourism, there were a lot of video clips played about the medical facilities in Korea. Don’t get me wrong…it’s nice to know what facilities are there but I hope to God no one ever falls so sick that they’ll have to use them… The Miso performance was delayed about 20 minutes so we ended up watching lots of videos while waiting. Let’s just say the Miso performance was well worth the wait. There were around 4-5 traditional performances and I was lucky enough to capture my favourites on camera. I didn’t bother to take videos of the rest and just enjoyed the mesmerizing performances. By the end of the performances I wasn’t sure if I wanted MBLAQ to come on stage or just have an encore for Miso. 🙂

Of course when MBLAQ finally came out, that’s when my ear drums blew. The screaming was just… shrill… I’m a fan, just not a screaming kind of fan (I’m the passive LED Scroller app kind of fan), so I was fairly regretting not wearing any ear plugs. The band had flown in the same morning, one member short, and the jet lag was pretty obvious. Notwithstanding, the fans greeted them with screams that overpowered the music system for the first couple of songs, so much so in fact that we thought for a moment that there was no music on…that could also be because we were in an exhibition hall, so the acoustics weren’t so hot. After the first few songs, they came out for their talk show segment, complete with lots of selfies, before performing their last hits of the night…They mentioned that they might stop by Ferrari World the next day and made good on their promise so lots of lucky fans got to take pictures and autographs. I didn’t take too many videos of the performances again because nothing can compare to the live experience but enjoy the clips anyway… ^^

We finished up at around 8pm (right on schedule) and headed back to the hotel (or rather, ran backwards on escalators back to the hotel), ordered room service and called it a night. Since room service had been disappointing at night, we decided to make use of the fact that we were practically in the exhibition centre, and ended up having breakfast at one of the cafe stalls there. We were aiming to check out early so we could catch the 11am bus back to Ibn Battuta but ended up being held up at the hotel and decided instead to take a cab to Al Wahda Mall, right opposite the bus station. We hung out for a while before walking down to the bus station where we could see some buses were already waiting. We got in, confirmed that we were going in the right direction… only to find out 2 minutes before departure that we were not, in fact, going to Ibn Battuta but were headed instead to the Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai (E101 goes back to Ibn Battuta while E100 goes to Ghubaiba). We decided not to change bus, partly because I overheard the bus to Ibn Battuta was already full and partly because that’s what being adventurous is all about. We looked up the bus station on Wojhati (Android App available too) and decided we’d get off at Jafiliya, grab the metro and then a taxi to our home away from home – Mirdif City Centre  for a much needed lunch. The bus on the way back, by the way, did not feel as slow as the one getting to Abu Dhabi… or maybe the eager anticipation to get to Abu Dhabi had made the bus seem slower than it really was.


Lunch at Gazebo

The taxi from Rashidiya Metro Station to Mirdif City Centre drops you off right in front of Gazebo and we decided that we were so famished that’s exactly where we’d have lunch. We had a much needed Biryani, finished off with a Matka Firni, walked it off and then headed to the taxi stand… where there were a million people waiting for a taxi. Okay that’s an exaggeration, but there were at least 25 people already in line. It was close to 5pm and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get a cab before Maghrib. If you’ve ever been at Rashidiya Metro Station near Maghrib time, you’ll know there are no taxis to be had there for love or money. We were lucky enough to get one by 5.30pm and finally got home about an hour later.

Overall, I had a great time using 3 different RTA services- taxi, metro and the bus and for anyone going to Abu Dhabi who doesn’t want to drive… I’d highly recommend the bus. It’s time consuming, but stress-free so if you don’t have other demands on your time, the bus is the way to go. If you are a busy bee though, driving down is the only other feasible option because taking a taxi will all but kill your monthly budget. The cost breakdown for the entire 2 days, 1 night (2박 1일) trip for 2 people from Ajman – Abu Dhabi- Ajman is:

Public Transport AED 300
4 star hotel (1 night) AED 500 incl taxes


Depending on how much and where you eat, the entire trip will cost less than AED 1000 (USD 272) for 2 people. Not bad at all, if I do say so myself. 🙂

If there’s anyone else who went to the concert, let me know what was your favourite part of the night and also, how did you get to the concert? Share your pics! 🙂

The Long Road to MBLAQ- Part 1

So there we were… sitting in an auditorium, watching JUMP end, thinking how best to leave the hall to escape the crowd. Then came the raffle and we thought…well why not stay for a few more minutes. And that’s all it took. A few more minutes for them to announce that… my mum had won tickets to the MBLAQ showcase. How we went from an overnight trip to Abu Dhabi to attend a Korean speech contest to winning MBLAQ showcases passes, I can’t quite tell. In any case, the tickets meant just one thing. I had to request for leave from work and plan another trip to Abu Dhabi…

What a night to win MBLAQ tickets…


I do drive but traffic, being what it is in UAE, I usually prefer not to. So this trip to Abu Dhabi, I decided to take my mum on a Public Transport Tour of the UAE, which is a fancy way of saying, planning the entire trip using only public transport. We’ve been in the UAE long before the concept of street names and public transport existed, and we’ve just continued with business as usual, taking only the occasional taxi. I ended up taking the metro when I started working and that’s about it. There’s a sprawling bus network in the city, which I’ve never experienced, so our eventual adventurous itinerary looked something like this:

Home – Rashidiya Metro Station Taxi 45 mins
Rashidiya – Ibn Battuta Metro Station Metro 1 hr 15 mins
Ibn Battuta Metro Station- Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station Bus 1 hr 45 mins
Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station – BFF’s Place – Hotel/Exhibition Centre BFF’s Car 20 mins + 20 mins
Hotel/Exhibition Centre – Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station Taxi 15 mins
Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station – Jaffiliya Metro Station Bus 1 hr 45 mins
Jaffiliya – Rashidiya Metro Station Metro 20 mins
Rashidiya Metro Station – Mirdif City Centre – Home Taxi 5 mins + 45 mins

 Travelling to Abu Dhabi by bus costs AED 25 so we topped up our Nol cards to cover the bus and metro fare and sat down for  long trip to the bus stop (You can also buy a ticket from the bus stop if you don’t have a Nol card). The good thing about getting on at Rashidiya is that it’s the first stop, so you’re bound to get a seat. If not… good luck standing for over an hour in the rush.


Empty Metro… not for long

I like travelling by metro (not during rush hour), but the only thing I don’t like is the fact that you can’t eat or drink on the metro. I suppose that’s why it’s so clean but anyway, by the time we reached our last stop, we were super hungry so we grabbed some snacks from the supermarket in the metro station. The bus stand is right outside, so we double checked the time and came back to sit inside because it was getting close to scorching midday. A few minutes after we sat down, mum noticed our bus (E101 from Ibn Battuta to Abu Central Bus Station) pull up. It was more than half an hour before the departure time and I wondered if we shouldn’t wait inside longer before getting onto the bus, but we decided to check it out and it’s a good thing we did. The line to the bus was huge and within 10 minutes the bus was full. Had we missed the bus, we’d have to wait for another hour before the next bus to Abu Dhabi! Phewww… It turns out that the seating was ladies in front, families and gents at the back, so we climbed in to the first two seats and buckled up for the long ride.


Getting ready to take our first bus ride…

Before you leave, people will come around with menus selling sandwiches, snacks and drinks to buy since you’re not allowed to take your own food on board. In a way, this is actually a good thing  because it stops people from getting smelly food on board which would bother other passengers and could dirty the bus. So anyway, off we went… or at least that’s what I kept telling my mum because at a speed of 80 kph in a big bus, you feel like you aren’t moving at all. It was in fact so slow that my mum was convinced she could walk to Abu Dhabi faster. In any case, it was the most stress-free ride ever and we eventually reached the central bus station, right opposite Al Wahda Mall, where we caught up with my BFF and were whisked away for a super-scrumptious lunch of Masala Dosa, Sambar, Chicken Cutlets, Paysam, Karachi Halwa and Jalebi. My mouth is now officially watering.


Abu Dhabi Bus Station… saying bye bye to our bus…

After a filling lunch (I stuffed myself to be very honest – that masala dosa was just amazing), we headed off to the hotel which is part of the exhibition centre where the showcase was being held. ADNEC is about 15-20 minutes away from the bus station, depending on the traffic, so I’d recommend staying at any of the hotels in ADNEC itself. By the time we checked in it was already 5pm so we rushed down to the exhibition centre to see if we could catch any of the activities before the Miso show.

KTO 아부다비 의료관광대전 프로그램 식순지 ENG-(

Program for the Korean Medical Tourism Festival

On the way to the conference hall, we happened to pass by Exhibition Hall 5… let’s just say there was so much rush that we had to abandon all thoughts of checking out any of the funky exhibits for fear that we wouldn’t be able to get a good seat. Unfortunately, though the Miso show was open to public, they were seating people in the order of their tickets for the MBLAQ showcase, which meant my mum and I wouldn’t be able to see the show together. She ended up going back to the hotel room while the BFF and I stood in line and got jostled into the hall…

[Wait for Part 2 to find out more about the Miso performance and MBLAQ showcase! 기대해 주십시오~~ ^^]