Gratitude Diary Day 47 & 48 / 365


lonely dinners spent
in the company of cats,
two minute noodles,
leafy greens and onions saved
by pomegranate molasses


one day they will know
perhaps a little too late
that it was time- time
was all she ever wanted
all they never had to give

Gratitude Diary Day 45 / 365

fond memories of
those who’ve moved on too
soon for all of us

rest in peace
Mrs. Parker


I ate four mangoes SO4-2
I had three cups of tea SO3-2
and Sanjay is a donkey S-2

Gratitude Diary Day 44 / 365

a couple of hours
after a long day’s hard work
for my worn out self

Gratitude Diary Day 43 / 365

phone calls and on holds
drained credit, quick recharges
and topic hopping
a muddle of things to say
and someone to say them to