Spring in South Korea – Day 2

After the hectic rush of Day 1, we somehow managed to get a good night’s sleep and were up bright and early on Day 2- finally ready to start our tour of Jeju. After breakfast, that is. Breakfast was tea from Caffe Pascucci, bananas and some duty free goodies and by 10am we were meeting Mr. Song, who’d be driving us around for the day. The plan was to start of at Cheonjiyeon Falls which is hardly 5 minutes from the hotel, then make our way to Jusangjeolli Cliffs, Cheonjeyeon Falls and wrap up with a trip to the Joreunmosal Beach.

The walk from the parking lot to the Cheonjiyeon falls was simply beautiful. Having grown up in a country where deciduous trees are something of a rarity and summer all year round means the trees are always green and flowers forever in bloom, this was my first glimpse of a barren winter starting to be covered with the first colourful blossoms of spring. Evergreen boughs interlaced with barren branches and the first red, yellow and pink children of the spring.  It was breathtaking and probably even more so for those people who had weathered the long white winter.


Cheonjiyeon Waterfall from afar | 천지연폭포

The sound of the falls was so soothing that if I hadn’t been on a schedule, I would have been pretty happy to spend the day sitting by the water, feeding the passing ducks. As it were, we were on a schedule, and unfortunately huge numbers of tourist buses had begun to arrive which signaled the arrival of lots of noisy tourists armed with selfie-sticks, which meant it was time for us to move on.


Cheonjiyeon Waterfall up close | 천지연폭포

We headed next to the cliffs, a little over half an hour away. By the time we reached there, I was truly beginning to understand why Jeju is also known as 삼다도… being famous for having lots of wind, stones and women 바람. 돌. 여자. The wind was biting cold as we made our way to the viewing platform for a sight of the stunning hexagonal stone columns left by cooling lava from the last volcanic eruption.


Cooled lava of Jusanjeolli Cliffs | 주상절리


Jusangjeolli Cliffs | 주상절리

We spent some time walking in the area but as the wind picked up, we packed up and headed off for lunch.We had initially thought of stopping at Paris Baguette, but Mr. Song was nice enough to suggest a more picturesque location, past yellow canola fields with a beautiful view of the sea- Cafe 7373. We tried our luck finding something halal and the staff was nice enough to accommodate our requests so we ended up having a lunch of garlic bread, salad, fresh grape juice and a salmon baguette. The view was pretty spectacular and Mr. Song said this was the best place to come to watch the sunset. I can’t disagree.


Cafe 7373

From Cafe 7373 we headed to Cheonjeyeon Falls which consists of 3 waterfalls. Unfortunately for us, the first waterfall was not in a falling mood, so we moved down to the second and third waterfall viewing areas.


Silent Cheonjeyeon Waterfall | 천제연폭포

The third waterfall area was probably my favourite- the last fall before which the water flows away into the sea. Cheonjeyeon didn’t just have waterfalls to offer, but also our first taste of Jeju’s famous Hallabong oranges as we rested before climbing up the Seonimgyo Bridge for a stunning aerial view of the area.


3rd Fall | 천제연폭포


View from Seonimgyo Bridge | 서님교

Our last stop for the day before heading back to the hotel was Joreunmosal Beach, because one can never have enough water in a day. While this isn’t exactly one of Jeju’s most famous beaches,that is exactly what lends it its charm- peace and some much-needed silence to drink up the sound of the waves lapping the shore.  The beach is tucked away in a corner, reached only by a long spindly stone path lined with flowers and trees on either side, the last steps covered with sand – as the beach meets the forest. We spent a long time there, just breathing in the salty air, filling our shoes with sand and looking for shells.


Heading down to Joreunmosal Beach


And still further down


Say hello to Joreunmosal Beach | 조른모살해수욕장

We were pretty spent and opted to turn in early so we would be able to wake up for the Day 3 adventure which involved going to see the sunrise at the Sunrise Peak. This posed only one major problem… what to have for dinner. Coffee shops don’t exactly have the most elaborate menus and the 7/11 has extremely limited halal  options but we had the foresight to pack the salad from our afternoon lunch and together with microwaved ready-to-eat boiled white rice from GS25 we were all set for dinner. ^^ I don’t think I ever ate as much rice as I did that day in one sitting. 잘 먹었습니다~~


돌 하르방 씨도 배 불렀나 봐요 ㅎㅎ