Gratitude Diary Day 15 & 16 / 365

It’s been a year since
my grandmother passed away
and left us behind
with a million memories
to think of every day

So yesterday I finished binge watching listening to a TV show that was all the rage a few years ago. I do that sometimes… listen to a TV show instead of watching and that too once it’s all over. It’s kind of like listening to an amazing audiobook filled with suspense that you’ve just got to finish because you can’t really flip over the page to see what will happen next.

There were plenty of cliffhangers and moments of suspense in the show… like jaw dropping, heart stopping, I have to pause the show and somehow try to figure out how and why someone would do something so terrible kind of moments. TV shows tend to exaggerate, I’m sure, but my mum assures me people like this do exist- the hypocritical nice to your face and secretly plotting to ruin your life behind your back kind of people. It’s a scary thought.

So today I’m grateful I’m not one of those manipulative, conniving super pyscho kind of villains who can probably think so far ahead they’d put a chess grandmaster to shame.


……On a side note… to play a villain on TV, I wonder if you have to have a little of the villain inside you to be able to relate so well? All I know is, if I ever see that actress in real life, I’ll probably run as far away as I possibly can.

Gratitude Diary Day 14 / 365

there is still breath left
to say important things like
how much I love you

Gratitude Diary Day 5 / 365

Today I am grateful for every day I get to lie down next to my mum.

الحمد لله على كل حال

Gratitude Diary Day 4/ 365

Today I am grateful for having my family to come home to.

الحمد لله على كل حال