Gratitude Diary Day 301 to 307/ 365

coming home
to books
waiting to be read

taking a day off from all the madness

Aegi curling up in my legs to go to sleep

sev puri
despite the tummy protest

random conversations


to drown out the madness

the beautiful weather

Gratitude Diary Day 287 to 293/ 365

Baby 부키, my goldfish, passed away on the 13th of October…
I’m grateful for the 5yrs 9 months and 22 days we got to spend together
I love you ❤

opportunities to help

brothers and birthdays

more vivid than reality

and more books

being able to laugh off a traffic fine

Gratitude Diary Day 280 to 286/ 365

Irish comedy

gentle reminders
that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone
and that it’s okay to go at your own pace

getting late for work
watching a certain cuddly someone
burrowing into my drawers
and refusing to get out

good food and weekends with ma