Gratitude Diary Day 45 / 365

fond memories of
those who’ve moved on too
soon for all of us

rest in peace
Mrs. Parker


I ate four mangoes SO4-2
I had three cups of tea SO3-2
and Sanjay is a donkey S-2

Gratitude Diary Day 44 / 365

a couple of hours
after a long day’s hard work
for my worn out self

Gratitude Diary Day 38 / 365

bruised little toes and
hot irons that fell not, nor
burnt either of us

Gratitude Diary Day 36 / 365

those hormonal highs
rollercoaster like relief
from troughs of despair

Gratitude Diary Day 35 / 365

hide and seek

white paws grab ankles
preempt another attempt
start the end you win