Gratitude Diary Day 115 / 365

an old man cleaning
clumsily chases a rogue
balloon caught in a stray draft
a little girl waits
chubby arms outstretched, eyes all
on her unlikely hero

Gratitude Diary Day 114 / 365

a hot wind blows across
dusty grey tarmac
a lone paper petal
flutters, pirouettes
a pink ballerina
bows in reverence

Gratitude Diary Day 106 / 365

cool April breeze and
grey clouds filled with false promise
planting seeds of hope

Gratitude Diary Day 104 / 365

rainbow of colours
flowers desperate attempts to
bring life to white walls
with fumes as fragrances and
oil the elixir of life

Gratitude Diary Day 90 & 91 / 365

tumultuous days
to better appreciate
the calm, quiet ones

a good night’s sleep