Gratitude Diary Day 136 / 365

soft relief of rain
musty smell of earth as dust
calms, settles, nestles
into unseen cracks and trees
sway to welcome Ramadan

Gratitude Diary Day 134 & 135 / 365

pink pomegranate
molasses lightly drizzled
on fattoush frenzy

sharing a moment
of patience, laughter and smiles
when things go awry
مشكل منّا مش منهم


Gratitude Diary Day 116 / 365

a slight nudge was it
or perhaps a gentle kick
every so shyly
before turning around in
the warmth of his mother’s womb

Gratitude Diary Day 115 / 365

an old man cleaning
clumsily chases a rogue
balloon caught in a stray draft
a little girl waits
chubby arms outstretched, eyes all
on her unlikely hero

Gratitude Diary Day 114 / 365

a hot wind blows across
dusty grey tarmac
a lone paper petal
flutters, pirouettes
a pink ballerina
bows in reverence